Overview of renovation project at Shute Park Branch

At the Shute Park Branch Library, this comprehensive renovation project will basically gut and rebuild the interior while retaining the strengths of the 1974 award-winning design. Improvements will include seismic reinforcements, roof replacement, removal of big ducts and unnecessary walls to open up the interior space.  Staff areas will be consolidated to improve comfort and efficiency and make more of the north-facing windows available to the public.

Shute Park Branch western facade

Shute Park Branch western facade. {Image courtesy of Hennebery Eddy.}

The project will relocate the main entrance to be more recognizable, gracious and inviting. The current entrance is in a long concrete wall facing a side parking lot on the south side of the building. The main entrance will be moved to the wall that faces west, toward the main parking lot and Shute Park, the busiest community parks in Hillsboro. Signage on the busy street side of the building will be improved.  There will be a staff/delivery entrance that is separate from the public entry.

Click images to view at full size. {Plans courtesy of Hennebery Eddy.}

Teen reading area at Shute Park Branch

Teen reading area at Shute Park Branch. {Image courtesy of Hennebery Eddy.}

Stacks and furniture will be replaced for comfort, safety and beauty. A new, flexible shelving arrangement will be installed to accommodate changing needs. Shelves will be reduced from 7 ft high to 4.5 feet. With lower shelves and greater exposure to the window wall on the north side, the branch will be brighter, less crowded and more inviting.  This will improve sight lines for staff, making supervision of all areas of the library easier.

The remodeled library will offer users a more attractive space with additional seating areas and an expanded children’s area with more open space, more seating for families, and natural light. More natural light will be brought into the building. Shute Park was built to house a collection of 45,000 items and currently houses 95,000. During the building project, the branch collection will be reselected to about 52,000 items in a mix designed to increase popular appeal.